9 thousand 847 exchanged subscribers in the province

The deputy director of the Golestan Water and Wastewater Company said in the first six months of the current year, 9,999 and 847 corrupted meters of drinking water users have been replaced with the aim of reducing waste water.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Golestan Province Water and Wastewater Company, "Engineer Mahyar Khosravi added that by replacing the corrosive and rusty meters, accurate information is obtained on the amount of drinking water consumed by the subscribers, which would provide a basis for consumption management. In times of crisis.

According to him, standardizing and replacing 622 fractures, leakage of 8000 thousand lines of water splitting and leakage of 77 km of distribution network is a measure of measures taken to reduce waste water.

He noted that identifying and converting 58 unauthorized split into authorized, purchasing and installing 32 lagard pressure gauges and buying and installing 9 new meter devices at the entrance to the distribution and output network of other measures in the first six months of this year.

He stated: 743 km of ocular inspection was carried out to detect and clear the leakage of valves and distribution network pipes and 85 km of inspection to identify the pipelines during the mentioned period.

Golestan province's water and wastewater company's deputy managing director, referring to the total number of subscribers in the province, said 276 thousand and 352 common shares are covered by Golestan, and the water needed by these subscribers is provided by 235 wells



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