Completion of the research project on the use of Vittorium plant to remove nitrate from urban sewage using purification method

Deputy Director of Planning and Human Resources of Golestan Province Water and Wastewater Company, announced the completion of a research project on the use of Vittorium plant to remove nitrate from urban sewage using a planting process.
According to the Public Relations Department of Golestan Province Water and Wastewater Company, Ali Iuman, in an interview with the company's news site, added: "This research project aimed at studying the properties of the wastewater hydrocarbons entering and leaving the Gorgan wastewater treatment plant and measuring the ability of the plant to reduce the concentration of pollutants from the wastewater treatment plant There have been .
Referring to the fact that the project has been implemented from the credit facilities of the ownership of the assets, the results of the data of the present study showed that almost Vityur herb has the ability to absorb and reduce most of the sewage contaminants, especially nitrates, nitrite and ammonia in various concentrations.
According to Engineer Eumann, based on the results of the research conducted during the experiment, a linear evolutionary path to reducing salinity from the stage before flooding to the end of the planting plant indicates that the plant can also be used to reduce the amount of water salinity.
He said that the plant has the ability to absorb ammonia, which is high in the wastewater. It is possible to plant a massive plant at the entrance to the sewage treatment plant to reduce the amount of nitrate produced in the wastewater of the waste.
It is worth mentioning that the project with a credit worth more than 99 million rials was carried out by the research group of Golestan University Jihad Dr. Mohsen Gholipour under supervision of the company's quality control director.

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